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Carpet Type

The types of carpet on the market today range from wool, synthetic fibers, nylon and polypropylene, to loop pile and cut pile. The construction and makeup of the carpet  of your choice should be considered when choosing the best carpeting solution for your home or business. If you need assistance understanding the differences between the types of carpets available, please feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to answer all your questions and find a solution for you.

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We are outfitted with a vast inventory of carpet for you to choose from when you decide that carpet is what you're looking for! Upon request, we can show you our entire inventory and have your mouth watering at the possibilities! Call us today and we'll either schedule  an appointment to visit you with our mobile showroom, or if you already have a selection in mind, we can start from there! Feel free to pick our brains to answer any questions you may have about which carpet is the right one for you and your home or business! We know carpet!

There are many varieties of carpeting on the market. They vary in feel, color, price, shape and more!

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Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet

Size, Budget, & Type

Measurements & Budget
Choosing carpet can be affordable to expensive with the many different styles and quality. Working together with our staff we promise to make the selection process easy and rather quickly. Our goal is to earn your business by providing service & quality at the best price possible. Once we measure the dimensions of the room(s) you want to carpet, we can then determine a budget for which your carpet project is alloted. Broadloom carpets available in both 12' ft. & 15' ft. widths for oversized rooms. Carpet squares or carpet tiles for business flooring is a great solution because dimensions do not have to be exact, as there will always be extra carpet square tiles for you to keep in case you need to replace damaged tiles in an area or do rotating of tiles later. Some carpets are available in pre-cut sizes, called modular carpet tiles. This solution allows for more adjustments as it eliminates the need for seam allowances. Other types of soltuions may be the "peel and stick" carpet tiles that have an adhesive backing which is used to affix the carpet tiles to the floor. In either case, compare the budget you have set aside for your project and let that assist you in making reasonable carpet choices.

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